RebCons Conferences

The 2nd International meeting called “ECONOMIC RESOURCES IN MODERN SOCIETIES:
NEW APPROACHES” (RebCos` 2019) which will be held in Sinaia, Prahova County, Romania,
during 22-24th November at Hotel Palace.
The aim of the MEETING is to provide a general framework and opportunity for researchers,
academics and professionals to meet and discuss key issues related to economic resources in various

The main focus was on transfer of knowledge and experience, disseminating project results
and developing project ideas and applications related to the following topics:
– Tourism resources and destinations
– Capital and entrepreneurship resources
– Environmental economics and policy
– Rural and agricultural economics
– Transitional economics and integration
– Financial resources and technology

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1st International Symposium


RebCos 2018

Timisoara, Romania, 19th October 2018

The Symposium is dedicated to the matter of national or regional approaches to Bio-Based Economy and its actual role in different countries with a focus on training professionals and integration into national qualification frameworks.

Main topics:

  1. Bioeconomy
  2. Development of Bio-Based Economy in different countries
  3. Capital and Entrepreneurship Resources
  4. Environmental economics and policy
  5. Educational and research-related issues of Bio-Based Economy
  6. Food Safety and security
  7. Resource economics
  8. Rural and agricultural economics
  9. Transitional Economics and Integration

We offer to all the participants the opportunity to disseminate the results of their projects related to Bio-Based Economy and beyond.
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