The Institute of Economic Sciences (founded in 1958) is a non-profit academic think-tank institution, owned by Republic of Serbia with significant researches and analyses in various fields of economic sciences.

The Institute of Economic Sciences (IES), as a scientific and research institution, is engaged in research in macroeconomics, microeconomics, regional economic development, development studies of domestic and world markets, as well as in the activities of consulting, training and education related to modern business economics, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, banking and other.

In the long and rich history of IES special attention is given to the promotion and advancement of scientific research through the exchange of information and ideas among scientific, business, NGOs and government experts at both national and regional and at European and world level.

IES field of activities is very broad, starting from macroeconomic studies elaboration, projections, forecasting, to international economic relation analysis, world economic and trade surveys, studies and strategies on economic, regional, and sustainable development, sector economic policies, as well as a large number of projects for economic subjects in almost all economic fields.

Another IES orientation encompasses the consulting, knowledge innovation, continual training and education in the fields of current business economy, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, finances, etc.

IES cooperates with great number of private companies, government, non-government, national and international institutions and organizations.